In this section you will study the third and last part of Madina Arabic books.

Prerequisite for this section

You must first complete all the courses in the Beginner section or must have equivalent knowledge. If you haven’t done the optional course it would be a good idea to first quickly browse through the books and familiarize yourself with the style of Imam Ibn Saud books.

Course 1

Madinah Arabic Book 3

Course Materials

  1. Durus al Lughah, the main text book. Download the book for free. If you want to buy the book they are readily available throughout the world. Check your local bookstores.
  2. Course key is the explanation of each lesson in English language. So you can understand the concept being taught. Download it from here. Keys are also available in Urdu and German.
  3. Solutions to exercises so you can check your work. Download from here.
  4. Glossary of words used in Madinah Arabic books. Download it from here.
  5. Videos of Brother Asif Mehr Ali teaching Madinah Arabic books. This is the true gem. You can watch all three Madinah Arabic books being taught by a teacher who is as enthusiastic about teaching Arabic as he is knowledgeable. These videos are high quality and available free of charge, a courtesy of Institute of the Language of the Quran Toronto. You can download the videos from here or watch them on YouTube.

Optional Study Aids

  1. Vocabulary learning aid for Madinah Arabic Book 3.
  2. Anki flashcards for Book 3 vocabulary.
  3. Grammar notes in a visual form.
  4. Audio files of Madinah Arabic Books narrated in Arabic, English and Urdu.
  5. Madinah Book 3 Handouts (referred to in the videos).
  6. Madinah Arabic side book for reading.
  7. Madinah Arabic side book for expression.

Course 2

Imam Ibn Saud Arabic Level 2

Course Materials

  1. Imam Ibn Saud Aarabic – Reading – Level 2
  2. Imam Ibn Saud Aarabic – Writing- Level 2
  3. Imam Ibn Saud Arabic – Lessons from the Quran – Level 2
  4. Imam Ibn Saud Arabic – Lessons from Al Hadeeth – level 2
  5. Imam Ibn Saud Arabic – Expression – Level 2
  6. Imam Ibn Saud Arabic – Nahw – Level 2
  7. Imam Ibn Saud Arabic – Sarf – Level 2
  8. Imam Ibn Saud Arabic – Dictionary of words

Optional Study Aids

  1. You can watch the video lectures of the Sarf book here

Course 3

Al Ajwibah

This book is part of the 3 Madinah Books. It contains the solutions to the ‘General Questions Covering the Whole Book’ that appear at the end of Madinah Book 3. Essential for every new graduate of the course to test their newly acquired knowledge and determine how much course material has been understood, this book is a resource on its own.

Course Materials

  1. Al Ajwibah

Course 4

Conversation Drills

An audio-visual conversational course that develops speaking skills using the vocabulary, lexical and grammatical knowledge in the 3 Madinah Books. Drills are meticulously structured with lively, every-day topics. Dialogues start from the simplest conversation to full conversational Arabic. Enjoy the Shaykh’s beautiful spoken Arabic and the privilege of following the teaching methods of the Islamic University, Madinah.

Course Materials

  1. Download the book
  2. Acoompanying videos. Download the videos or watch them on Youtube.


Find a study budy on Slack for this pathway and practice the conversation with them.

Course 5

Surah al-Hujuraat With Lexical and Grammatical Notes by Dr. Abdur Raheem

Surat al-Hujuraat contains profound obligations and character-building injunctions. A pivotal surah to help build imaan, perfect one’s character, and learn and master the Arabic sciences through it. With extensive lexical and grammatical notes, extensive additional notes, extensive exercises in a workbook with answers.

Course Materials

  1. Surah al-Hujuraat With Lexical and Grammatical Notes
  2. Surah al-Hujuraat Additional Notes
  3. Surah al-Hujuraat Workbook and Answers
  4. Accompanying Videos of Dr. Abdur Raheem teaching the course personally. Download the videos or watch them on Youtube.

Optional Study Aids

  1. Surah al-Hujuraat Exhaustive Index

Course 6

Ahadeeth Sahlah by Dr. Abdur Raheem

Twenty very short, easy ahadeeth, selected to teach Quranic Arabic and cultivate Islamic manners. Very simple lexical and grammatical notes followed by easy exercises. It prepares you for Arabic-only books.

Course Materials

You can buy the book from the U.K. or from India.

A few lessons from the book can be downloaded for free.

  1. Lesson 1
  2. Lesson 2
  3. Lesson 3
  4. Lesson 4
  5. Lesson 5