Pathway to Arabic through self study

Pathway to arabic

There are many people out there who want to learn Arabic but cannot do so because they do not have the time to enroll in full time study or they do not have access to a teacher or institute. I was one of them.

As a homeschooling mother my time was really limited so I could not enroll in an institute. I tried looking for private Arabic tutors but again that option didn’t work out. I bought lots of books and tried learning on my own but I would hit an obstacle, feel hopeless and give up learning.

Then I stumbled upon Madinah Arabic books and for the first time I felt that I can learn Arabic on my own. Fast forward 4 years and I am learning advance Arabic grammar and teaching beginner level Arabic grammar to ladies in my locality. Alhamdulillah.

There are lots of programs, curricula and books available to learn Arabic however I found that sticking to one program which builds upon your understanding is better than learning through lots of different curricula. Once you reach a certain level of comfort, you can supplement your studies with other books but when starting out I would recommend sticking to a single program or curriculum.

I myself am following the mastering Arabic program for non-natives designed by Dr. Abdur Raheem, the author of world famous Madina Arabic books. I do use some supplemental resources here and there but otherwise I am studying one book after the other in the exact order advised by the Sheikh himself. There are many reasons I prefer this program over others but the biggest reason is that these books are specially written for self-study and there is a wealth of resources available to help you study the books on your own. There is also a very active community of learners of these books which helps in staying motivated and asking for help. Many books from this program are available for free on the web, a kind courtesy of the author, Dr. Abdur Raheem, who has kept them royalty free. May Allah preserve him and accept his long services to His language. Ameen.

All the resources I have used in my learning journey are already there on the web and I share them with people who want to study Arabic on their own. But since these resources are scattered over a few websites sometimes people are having difficulty in finding them, navigating through them and organizing their studies. For this reason I am putting together this sort of pathway for learning Arabic through self-study which is basically an expanded form of the pathway designed by Dr. Abdur Raheem.

This is a work in progress and I will keep adding new resources as I come across them so please check back often.