Finding Help

Groups and Communities

Like with everything else, studying Arabic without a teacher or mentor to help you can become difficult at times. Especially if you have questions or are unable to understand a concept.

Luckily we live in an age where we can connect to lots of mentors and fellow students through social media and that is the next best thing to having a teacher.

Below are the links to some social media channels from where you can find lots of help.

  1. My Facebook group for the people following this pathway.
  2. My Telegram group for the people following this pathway.
  3. My general Arabic learning Facebook group.
  4. Facebook group for the students of Madinah Arabic books.
  5. LQToronto forums.
  6. Dr Abdur Raheem’s official site where he answers students’ questions.
  7. Learn_Arabic subreddit
  8. Translator subreddit
  9. I sometimes offer online personal mentorship, free of charge, for students of this pathway. If you are interested please email me at { hello at }